Coffee Consumption Outlook in Kenya

For long Kenyan coffee has been destined for export market but this scenario is gradually changing with Kenyans starting to take their high quality coffee. This is evidenced by establishment, success and expansion of indigenous coffee houses as well as setting of outlets by international brands in Nairobi and other major towns. The gradual change is attributable to innovativeness of the entrepreneurs dealing in coffee shop business around the around the country. There is also emergence of coffee roasters such as Caffe Del Duca which is delivering wide range of blends of high  quality Kenyan espresso and ground coffee ideal for specialty coffees thus positive response by the market. Kenya is also registering a growing middle class with a taste for finer things with a cup of cappucinno, espresso, latte or mocha forming part of the package. Various stakeholders in the coffee value chain are also increasing cooperating and forming strategic partnership which are aiming at promoting local consumption. For instance, Caffe Del Duca has partnered with Hivos, County Governments, Supermarkets,Petrol Stations and Universities among other stakeholders in a bid to promote local consumption. Caffe Del Duca recognises profound impact increased local consumption will have on the coffee value chain ecosystem’s profitability and sustainability. The firm is now working with vendors across the country to ensure high quality cup of coffee is accessible to all at an affordable price.