Caffe Del Duca – Quality Kenyan beans: quality espresso experience

Caffe Del Duca is built on the realization that today, a jar of instant coffee can be found in majority of homes/offices and that consumers are increasingly trying out different types of coffee, such as cappuccino, espresso, mocha and latte. The expanding consumer demand for product choice, quality and value has led to an increase in the coffees being made available to a discerning public. The firm has realised that ‘value’ is the way in which the consumer views one’s product in comparison with competitive offerings. The firm is striving to achieve sustainable and profitable coffee farming ecosystem, with valuable partnerships linkages rom where the coffee is grown in the field, to the way in which it reaches the consumer. This is evident in our motto which reads “Quality Kenyan beans: quality espresso experience”.

Coffee Shops

Caffe Del Duca recognises the benefits and value of local consumption of coffee in the value chain and has invested massively towards making Kenyans and East Africans consumers of their own coffee. With support from Hivos aimed at promoting local consumption of coffee Caffe Del Duca has supported the establishment and branding of 49 coffee shop outlets (Malindi – 18; Nairobi – 12; Thika – 5; Somalia – 4; Nakuru -3; Bungoma- 2; Eldoret – 2; Juja – 2 &Siaya-1).

The most successful ones are located in Githurai and Hurlingham. Most of these coffee shops are doing well and have reached “break even” points. read more

Corporate Social Responsibility

Quality Kenyan beans: quality espresso experience

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